2016 D23 Member Discounts

Its that start of a new year and that means new discounts for D23 Members. These discounts are good at so many locations – from one of the Parks, to the comfort of your own home. If you find yourself near any of the parks, D23 members get great savings on hotels and restaurants too.


Here are some of the new savings that I will be utilizing:

  • With the launch of Disney Infinity’s new Marvel Battlegrounds cropping up soon, now’s the best time to take advantage of 15% off all purchases of $60 or more at DisneyStore.com and in all Disney Store locations through March 31, 2016. Save some money buying those figures!
  • Haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet? Now through February 7, 2016 at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, enjoy a discount on VIP tickets to see the new JJ Abrams’ film—as well as special pricing for Lady and the Tramp and Zootopia during their 2016 runs


  • Got some kids that need to stay up on their Disney property when not at the parks or watching TV? Save up to 53% savings on Disney magazines including Disney Frozen, Disney Junior, and Marvel Super Heroes; where they can enjoy posters, games, coloring pages, and more!


D23 Members are also privy to a few amazing deals exclusive for them, including

  • 40% off all online purchases of H2O Plus merchandise—which is found at both the Disney Parks and the Cruise ships. The full size products can range from $10-$50, so 40% is a nice chunk of change to save.
  • Like the look of those new marvel themed headphones? Well, shave 23% off all merchandise online from SMS Audio.



Something to keep in mind for those interested in becoming a member for the park deals; if you are an annual passholder, you will get many of the same deals and more places around the park take the pass over the D23 Card.

But don’t let that stop you from getting a D23 membership! There are plenty of discounts and deals that Passholders do not get and the perks of being a member extend beyond these discounts.

Now of all the discounts D23 offers this year, which do you see yourself using?



For more information on all the D23 Member discounts and offers, go to http://D23.com/Discounts.

To find out details on purchasing or renewing a D23 membership, visit


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