Star Wars Is Disney’s Top Brand


Opening Day

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In a review of 2015’s top 500 brands, Brand Finance has named Star Wars as Disney’s top brand.

Disney’s strength is founded on its rich history and original creations, however its now dominant position is the result of its many acquisitions and the powerful brands it has brought under its control. ESPN, Pixar, The Muppets and Marvel are all now Disney owned, but perhaps its most important acquisition of all has been Lucasfilm, and thus Star Wars.

Disney paid just over $4 Billion for the purchase of Lucasfilm and the return in 2015 alone was over $10.5 Billion.

Star Wars has been one of the longest standing brands since its debut in 1978, the powerhouse has evolved from simply movies to Comic’s, books, tv, video games and of course toys!

disney infinity 3.0 2

With The Force Awakens effectively re-launching Star Wars into another generation the profits from this acquisition will continue to soar


Do you think this was Disney’s best acquisition yet? Is there anything else that can top this? Sound off below


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