New Tsum Tsum Merchandise Released In Japan

Disney have released a wide selection of new Tsum Tsum related merchandise in Japan, which can be purchased via the online Japanese store or in physical Disney Stores.  There are lots of different items including a calendar, pens, keyrings, scissors, notepad, pencil case, stationary and much more.

Here is a look at some of this new merchandise:

What do you think of these Tsum Tsum merchandise?


One comment

  • I really wish they would release some of these things here. There’s a real planner (as in old school paper agendas) boom happening right now and those stationary sets that the Disney store had have sold well. So why things like the page flag set above are released overseas and not here is beyond me. There’s a market for it here for sure. I personally have already seen that set because I was on eBay last week. No way am I paying those prices though.

    The stickers are cute, the pens are as well, and I really need that pouch (hooray for hand bag organization!). I just wish I wasn’t forced to try and source them from overseas. 🙁

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