Is Alice In Wonderland Coming To Disney Infinity 3.0?


It looks like some new Disney characters will be heading to Disney Infinity 3.0 this summer as a French Disney magazine Envie de Plus, has revealed that Alice, Time and the Mad Hatter will be coming to the game in June. Perfectly timed with the release of the new live action movie, Through The Looking Glass hitting cinemas.

It’s unclear if these figures will be released as Toy Box Only characters or in a playset, but it has been mentioned by Disney that another Disney playset would be coming to 3.0.

The magazine says according to a Google translation:

“Alice on the other side of the mirror to the cinema on June 1, 2016. find Alice, the Mad Hatter and time in the video game Disney Infinity 3.0!”

With the addition of Time, I’d guess that both Alice and the Mad Hatter will look like the modern film version rather than the classic look.

Twitter user Benjy (@shadkei) from Disney Infinity Fans asked the official French Disney Infinity Twitter account if this was correct, who replied saying that the magazine was well informed and an announcement would come soon. But those tweets have since been deleted.


There have already been some Alice In Wonderland content in the game including power discs from the original version.

What do you think of Alice, Time and the Mad Hatter coming to Disney Infinity 3.0?


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