Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

We find Peggy in the SSR office, but something is strange, it is in black & white. Peggy also notices this and calls out to see if anyone is around. She finds her brother Michael, who was waiting for her in the Chief’s office. She accuses Michael of getting himself killed so she would do what he was doing. he says she is just doing what she wanted to do. The light from the sign at the Automat shines in and Peggy is there and now returned to colour.

Angie is serving, she asks Peggy what she wants but she doesn’t know. Wilkes is sitting next to her, he starts dancing and then they are joined by Sousa who begins to sing. As the song ends He tries to kiss Peggy, but Angie pulls her away and off on another dance. Dottie joins in and tells Peggy she will always be in her head, as they sing about Peggy making her mind up.


Jarvis joins in accompanied by Ana, Dottie and Whitney. Rose arrives and pushes Peggy who wakes up, tied up in the back of the truck with Jarvis.


The rest of the team are still waiting in the desert, but after an hour they realise no one is coming back. Knowing that they have no supplies or transport, they have no way of surviving until an SSR car arrives, but Sousa recognises one of the men who beat him up.

As Peggy releases Jarvis he tries to explain why he did what he did, but Peggy doesn’t want to know.

As the car pulls up Sousa is holding Thompson to gunpoint, but Thompson tells the men to take Sousa and Samberly in. Vega has to be talked down from shooting Thompson.

Peggy and Jarvis try to escape from the van but find the door padlocked, but uses the hot wire to burn through it. She throws Jarvis from the truck and follows him out.

Frost is continuing to work on Wilkes, but Manfredi warns that his body could give up. Thompson arrives and flirts with Frost, but Manfredi warns him off, but Frost tells him to leave it and Manfredi leaves. Thompson tells her the whole plan and offers to be an ally to get a place on the Council.


Thompson informs Peggy that Frost believed him, but Peggy doesn’t trust him. Sombrely hands over the gamma core, showing Thompson and Masters how to work the cannon. they leave and just as Sousa and Peggy are about to follow they discover that the fuel line has been cut. They think it is Masters.

Peggy tells Samberly that they need his car, but he tells them Thompson ordered him to turn the cannon into a bomb. They order Sombrely to build a jammer.

Jarvis goes to visit Ana at the hospital, where she asks him about Peggy and Wilkes, he doesn’t want to tell her but in the ends confesses. She tells him to go help Peggy. She knows that something is still not right though.

The team arrive at the facility, but the jammer still isn’t working. carter heads off to save Wilkes anyway. Masters gets the cannon into position, while Peggy finds Wilkes, his skin still undulating. He insists that pulling the gun on Peggy was all him and not the zero matter.

Thompson pulls a gun on Masters as Peggy is trying to escape with Wilkes but he looks himself in the chamber and his body is being consumed by zero matter.

Sombrely finally gets the jammer working as Thompson leaves Masters with Frost and tries to detonate the bomb. He finds Samberly and tells him to turn it off and that he is taking the decision to kill everyone in the building. Thompson pulls a gun on Samberly but Peggy pulls a gun on Thompson.

frost is using zero matter on Vernon but he sees the bomb is ready. Just as it is about to go off, Wilkes walks in and explodes.


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