Zootopia Movie Review

Zootopia is a movie like no other. It’s one of Disney Animation’s best movies in the longest time. It’s a wonderfully creative and enjoyable movie that makes you laugh from start to finish.

So what exactly is Zootopia? Zootopia is an extraordinary city comprised of different habitat/ neighborhoods like the upper class Sahara Square and Ice cold Tundratown; it’s where animals from all environments live together in harmony.

The story’s main message is simple…”you can be anything.” Well at least you hope it was that simple for one of the lead characters, rookie Officer Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin). Judy is the first Rabbit officer in a precinct full of big, tough animals. She discovers it is not so easy being a police officer after all. This doesn’t stop her, she perseveres. She becomes determined to prove herself, to prove that her size and species can prevail and that she can be the best cop they would ever see. Although she gets assigned parking patrol, feeling the need to do more, she jumps at the opportunity to work on her very first crime case. This leads her to run into our very next protagonist character in the film, and my favorite, a scam-artist fox named Nick Wilde (voiced by Jason Bateman). Thats where the story unfolds and the rest is an incredible journey. This movie brilliantly showcases the unlikely friendship between the two characters and give off themes of tolerance and diversity. Zootopia resonates with real world issues. It has the same issues you would find in a country with racism, stereotyping, and classism, yet its done in a very clever way to fit the animal kingdom world.

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Zootopia is a comedy/adventure from the Walt Disney Animation Studios side of our beloved Disney Company. It is brilliantly directed by Byron Howard (worked on Tangled) and Rich Moore (worked on Wreck-It Ralph) and co-directed by Jared Bush. It is a very cleverly well done film and it is by far one of my favorite Disney Animated films in the longest time, since The Lion King, I think. I believe its better then many of the Pixar films, and I’m a huge Pixar fan. Its better then Frozen! Yup, I said it! So go check out this film! I will be seeing again when it hits theaters on March 4, 2016.

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My rating: Sale of 1-10, I give it a 15! 🙂

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