Mockingbird #1 Comic Book Review

Fans have been demanding a solo comic book series based on Mockingbird and Marvel have responded with a series based on the S.H.I.E.L.D character.  This is an interesting story that wasn’t what I was expecting, as the main focus is on how Bobbi Morse is handling her reaction to gaining super powers and how S.H.I.E.L.D is monitoring her transition.

The book has a great art style that seemed to make the most of the location and the little touches to make it feel different, which was how the artists wanted the book to feel.  I found the idea of a waiting room for heroes and agents, with Howard the Duck, Black Widow, Jessica Jones, Luge Cage and Hercules sitting down waiting to be seen  Having only been aware of the character from the TV show, it is nice to see how they are fleshing out her character with flashbacks to previous encounters and different outfits showing her special agent status.

There is a level of humour and sarcasm that I wasn’t expecting and I’d love to know how the Corgi is involved and was getting very interested in the direction of the story and also left asking many more questions about what was going on, which was explained in a short piece by the writer, which helped put my mind at ease that what I had read would make sense at a later date and I love this idea, this felt like an TV during its mid-season cliffhanger, you know something good is coming but you’ve got to wait for the payoff.

Its hard to believe Mockingbird has been around since the 1970’s and is only now getting her first series, but with a long history within Marvel, I’m liking the idea of Marvel pushing more female characters and I think this one is worth checking out.



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