Review: Limited Edition Avengers Mini Coke Cans (Coca-Cola)

Last month, in a media tie-in to it’s Super Bowl 50 Marvel Avengers commercial for the new Mini Coke can, over on Twitter Coca-Cola gave out a limited number of Mini Coke can sets, which featured six of the Marvel Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-Man, Falcon, and Black Widow.


This week, winners of the online contest started receiving their sets. Mine arrived last week, so let’s take a closer look.


 Each of the cans measure roughly 4″ high, and featuring unique artwork of each of the Avengers, with the character or representation of the character as the eyes of the design: Shields (Captain America), Iron Man in flight (Iron Man), Falcon (Falcon), Ant (Ant-Man), Spider (Black Window), and Hulk Fists (Hulk). Also marked on the cans is the words “First Edition”. Not sure if that means there will be an additional printing, but it leaves it open for them to do so.

Overall, I really enjoy this set, especially since it was absolutely free. Some are popping up on eBay from people who won more than one set (you could have won up to six), for anywhere ranging from $40-$80 or more if you are looking to purchase one. Not sure that price point is worth it unless you are an avid collector or Marvel or Coca-Cola. However, the price could go down if the market starts to flood more with them.

That being said, not sure the Mini Coke idea will work, but their collaboration with Marvel and the resulting promotional set of cans is a win. Happy to have them in my collection.

Did you get a set of the cans? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.



  • Teresa

    I got mine today and didn’t think they would be such a big deal. I drank the hawk eye one while googling them and saw they were being sold on eBay and thought, “damn I shouldn’t have opened it”. I thought they were being sold in stores but they’re not. :0 oh well I don’t think I would’ve gone to the hassle of putting them on eBay to sell when I could have the satisfaction of drinking them. 😀

  • Tonya Tipton

    I got my set and they are really cute but I don’t think i’ll be drinking them.

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