Marvel Battlegrounds Challenges, Part 1 of 7

Hello everyone. For those of you who haven’t been playing Marvel Battlegrounds, what are you waiting for? Its loads of fun! Make sure you have friends playing with you to enjoy the brawling action!

As far as those who are soloing the game, not to worry. We know the story is short, but there are plenty of challenges to keep you preoccupied for a little extra time. 28 of them to be exact! One for every individual Marvel Figure in the game.

We wanted to showcase each individual challenge for everyone so we have prepared a few videos and will be releasing them, four at a time. So today we have challenges 1-4 for you to in our first of seven day series. Please enjoy!

Challenge No. 1, Captain America the First Avenger

Challenge No. 2, Hawkeye

Challenge No. 3, Iron Man

Challenge No. 4, Spider Man

So what do you think about the challenges so far? Let us know below or in our Facebook Group.



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