Star Wars Series 6 Vinylmation Coming Soon

On April 1st, Disney will be releasing the sixth series of the Star Wars Vinylmation at the Disneyland’s D-Street, Star Wars Galactic Outpost at Disney Springs, at both Launch Bay’s and online at

This series is based on Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The set features 7 commons and a chaser, and follows the trend set by the Force Awakens set in using the small tray size.

This set includes Oola, Endor Han, Teebo, Endor Luke, Stormtrooper, Weequay, and Max Rebo.


What do you think of this set? Comment below:


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  • Carson

    Could the chaser maybe be Slave Leia? Or unmasked Darth Vader? Probably not Vader since we just had an eachez of him unmasked, but it would be interesting if they did that. My money is on Slave Leia though.

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