Custom Corner: With Great Power

Custom Corner: With Great Power

With great power comes great responsibility. But nobody said that Spiderman can’t have a little fun while he’s out saving the world! Swinging from an Oscorp lamp post in the spidiest of ways, this custom, created by Valkyrie Statues, features Spidey in his trademark upside-down stance, web in hand, in a New York City street scene pulled straight from the comic books.

Custom Corner: With Great PowerIt all started with a single POP, the first few adorable figures sparking the need for more, and before long a collection was born. After collecting for a time, Valkyrie Statues hungered for quality variations to the existing POPs. Some experimenting with creating custom figures expanded into providing the figures with scenes, allowing for less conventional poses and more creative displaying. “It’s hard to make custom figures!” Valkyrie Statues stated when asked about the decision. “If I’m going to spend time doing this, I might as well work on figures that are worth doing.” From concept drawing to a sculpted mix of epoxy clay, resin, and vinyl base, to airbrushing and hand painting, Valkyrie Statues has moved on to create a number of expertly crafted, cleverly designed dioramas featuring some of their favorite characters.

Custom Corner: With Great Power

The success of a sculpture is largely proven through the sum of its parts, particularly in bigger pieces like this; a beautiful set would be unnoticed next to the shaky lines of the feature character, just as a bland set might pull away from an exquisitely sculpted figure. Neither of these is a problem in this diorama. Just enough detail has been added to the scenery – check out the tiny newspaper featuring a Spider-Man news spread and the dirt-filled cracks of the street – to compliment the beautifully sculpted Spidey hanging upside-down from the lamp light. The result is a perfectly balanced sculpture that makes it hard to imagine why we’ve never seen Spider man displayed this way before, and he’s ready to take on the world.

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