Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary Merchandise Artwork Revealed

Disney is celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Magic Kingdom opening and Disney have released a first look at some of the artwork created for commemorative merchandise that will be released this fall.

04_ParksBlog_MK45Art_Square 02_ParksBlog_MK45Art_CastleChestLogos

“We wanted the artwork to celebrate Magic Kingdom’s entire history since 1971 yet have an overall vintage feeling,” explained Cody Reynolds, Creative Manager with Disney Design Group. “Artist Jeff Grantio provided much of the artwork for this program. The attraction logos became a big focus for us as they each have such unique and iconic designs. We included opening year attractions like ‘it’s a small world,’ and other more recent additions such as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.”

03_ParksBlog_MK45Art_MainLogosCody mentioned the main merchandise logo shown above features each of the themed lands found in Magic Kingdom Park. There are two different color versions of this logo that can be applied to various products. This is particularly helpful when creating complementary apparel items or other goods like drinkware.

For the pastel color artwork, the team added Tinker Bell to several designs. You’ll also spot a vintage-looking Mickey Mouse which adds to the retro vibe.

10842232c1p07 Verbiage LogosExpect to see these logos on lots of new merchandise later this year and more reveals to come ahead of the anniversary.

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