Details on Fastpass+ for Disneyland Resort


It was reported last year that around this time Disneyland would begin testing Fastpass+ .

The difference between the fastpass+ system at Disney world vs Disneyland is that reservations can only be made the day of arrival. It will never be available in advance for booking.

You can book either on the mobile app or at in park kiosks and the kiosks will not make you go to each individual attraction to receive it. They will be placed parkwide in several different locations.

Also you will only be able to book one fastpass at a time, unlike the WDW fastpass+ system. Once a certain amount of time has passed, then you will be able to book another.

It was assumed in the beginning that the system would rely on RFID ticketing system but apparently it will go off of a barcode system that can be scanned off of a card or even in the mobile app.

There is also no word on how the switch will affect nighttime shows such as “World of Color” and “Fantasmic.” Its also unclear if more attractions will gain fastpass+ once this comes out to the parks. One thing is for certain and that is that this system will be out in Disneyland resort by the end of 2016 or even sooner in the year.

Do you think Disneyland needs Fastpass+ ?

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