Disney Infinity Alice In Wonderland Figures Discovered


While we might have seen previews of the upcoming Alice Through The Looking Glass Disney Infinity figures via an update in March, we have had our first look at the actual figures for Alice, Mad Hatter and Time, thanks to Bill Misek (@BillMisek), who shared images of the new figures, which have been released in some stores.

Earlier this week, Disney announced that Disney Infinity has ceased production, they did confirm these three figures and the Finding Dory play set would be released soon, it looks like some retailers are putting items out early, though online pre-orders haven’t yet become active, nor has an official release date been announced.

Each figure is on a white base with a unique colour around them, representing a tea cup saucer.

Here is a closer look at these figures:

image image image

What do you think of these figures?  Will you be picking them up?



  • Brandon

    I’m excited but still depressed about the game.

  • Jason

    They look great and show how much more this game had to offer. Such a shame.

    There isn’t a play set for these figs correct? That would have been fun.

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