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disney infinity 3.0Hello amazing people. By now you all have heard the depressing news of Disney ceasing production of our favorite game, Disney Infinity. It came out of left field, and really shocked a lot of us. One minute you’re expecting some exciting news in another episode of NEXT, only to find out that instead your game has been cancelled. That just, in lack of better terms, sucks! It really does!

This game means a lot to many of us! It is an exciting place to have a gaming adventure, its a creative outlet for those incredibly talented toy box artists, a place where some of the most unlikely people to ever meet become friends in a tight knit community, its a place where parents can spend quality time with their children and let their imaginations run wild, and a place many incredible game developers, designers, and programers have called home for sometime. Ive met so many amazing people over the course of this three year journey, thanks to this game. Ive never been part of a community like this, let alone a gaming community, as close as the Disney Infinity family.


And just like that…the rug gets pulled from underneath all of us. Without even noticing what this game means to many, the corporate world decides its not worth it any longer. How are we to have faith in a brand that has no faith in its own consumers? We have invested time and money into something that we were in it for the long haul. Cancelling something because you made the mistake of over producing inventory and you couldn’t sell it all, just is ridiculous. Disney Infinity was a quality game, and it was outselling the competition. It really makes no sense at all. The truth is Disney is losing lots of money on the ESPN brand and they have over spent on the Shanghai Disneyland Project. As a result, they have been shutting down many of the things we enjoy. They are canceling some of our favorite TV shows like Agent Carter, The Muppets, and Galavant to name a few. They have shut down the Disney Dollar campaign in the theme parks. And now, they shut down our beloved game, Disney Infinity.

So what can we do? Many would say nothing, that we are beating a dead horse, and at a certain extent, I don’t disagree with them. Disney is a big company and its rare to see them go back on a decision. However, we are an amazing community. We have had a voice from the very beginning and the Disney Infinity Team have always been listening to us. So why not let ourselves be heard by the corporate giant? Why should we go down without a voice? Please note that I’m not trying to give anyone false hope! That is not the intention of this article I’ve written. This is a way for you to be heard. Its an outlet for you to tell your story and to let people know what Disney Infinity means to you. Disney needs to know that what they are doing is a big mistake.

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So what are you asking us to do Abe? Well its simple! Its going back to the old school way of doing things and putting up a fight! Heres the plan! A few of us have already begun doing this, but in order for it to be effective and be noticed is if we all do it together. Please write a letter about why Disney Infinity is important to you. Write down why you love it so much. Write down what it has done for your children. What is has meant for you as a career, how its helped you or a family battle an illness or a situation, why Disney Infinity should remain in our lives. Its important we talk about the benefit of Disney Infinity! Now the important part…who and where am I sending these letters to? This is where…


Robert A. Iger / Chairman and Chief Executive Officer / The Walt Disney Company / 500 S Buena Vista St MC 1062 / Burbank, CA 91521-1062

Thats right. We are going straight to the man on top. We are taking the “write your congressman” approach but instead its “your CEO.” We need to make sure that he knows what this decision has done. Its important that he knows what Infinity means to all of us. We know a simple email is also a way to reach him, but emails can quickly be deleted. At least this will be opened and inspected. Please be nice in your letters! Please! This is meant to be an outpouring from the community not an opportunity to bash anyone. We need to show that our community is strong and what the incredible Disney Infinity team has built should live on. The more letters we write, the more effective this can be. If there is a slight chance at changing any decision, this man would be the one to help make it happen. So please help us out and write your letters. Implore him for an overturned decision.

Also, a word of advice, type them on word and save the letter. We think that its important to keep a copy just incase you need to resend them. If you are compelled to hand write your letter, please just make a copy before you send them out. We also plan on sharing your stories as to why Infinity is important to you in future installments. Your voice will also be heard through us on the site (with your permission, of course) so its important you keep a copy you wrote, for us.


What if you don’t want to write a letter? No problem. We have a generic letter that you can send. Just copy, paste, print and sign this template below and send it away! If postage is really an issue, please let me know via email. Its just a few cents though!


Dear Mr. Iger,

I write you today in hopes that you would reconsider your decision in canceling Disney Infinity. Disney Infinity has created an incredible community that has bonded over the amazing stories and adventures the team at Avalanche have told, through the use of the intellectual properties Disney has under its portfolio. It provides a creative avenue that people use to express their artistry of story telling through the use of the game’s Toy Box mode. Like Disneyland, It allows parents to enjoy quality time with their children, for its a place where they can play together as a family. Disney Infinity not only is a video game, but an experience unmatched by none other. We love Disney Infinity and it has been a huge part of our lives for the past three years. Please give us a chance to keep enjoying the best game in the toys to life category. 

Sincerely, …


So what else can you do to help fight for the game? Well originally, a group of us were going to start a petition online. It turns out that someone had already done so, so instead we have been sharing and getting that one signed. Before any of you say that this petition is useless and its taking away from other important things, its not! First off, petitions like this have helped parents cause a giant company like Toysrus, stop the sale of toys that were too mature to be in the store in the first place. Secondly, a petition like this does not take away from petitions fighting for another cause. Its simply just another petition! Finally, please note, that this petition is being watched by someone in the company. So every little bit counts! If you haven’t signed the petition yet, heres a link to help do your part.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 10.15.43 AM copy

Well guys, I hope you help us with this initiative. Some of you will just throw in the towel and just move forward. Its easy to just walk away from certain things and thats ok. Its easier to cope with the loss of something like this by moving on. Just know that there is always that slight possibility to make a difference and change a decision. Its about standing up for what you believe in and not going down without a fight. It ain’t over til’ the fat lady sings, and I haven’t heard her sing just yet. You really have nothing to lose, give it a chance. Let your voice be heard. A community like ours that stays together, will always fight together. Lets do this not only for the game we love, but for the amazing people that made it for us!

Remember what they’ve always told us….”if you can dream it, you can do it!” Those words have never meant more then they do today!

Thanks again for your time guys! Please take care!

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  • Ted C. Williams

    An excellent idea, and I’ll be sure to send a letter Mr. Iger’s way as well.

    From the way things look, the future survival (if at all possible) of Disney Infinity doesn’t look like that it will be spearheaded by Disney itself, as they are committed to their investors that the Disney Interactive branch will be no more. They are committed to licencing their properties to other companies, a move that involves much less risk and investment on Disney’s part, and is for the most part pure profit for them.

    When it comes to licencing out their intellectual properties, the idea of their properties is usually based on the characters and franchises that they own, like Mickey, Star Wars, and Marvel. But what about the Disney Infinity brand itself? Is that a property that can be absorbed by another company and have them take it over?

    In the recent Kotaku article, it looks like they were already establishing a relationship with Hasbro to partner with the manufacture figures in the future. Would Hasbro be interested in working with another game developing studio and keep some form of Infinity going? Is that a possibility?

    It wouldn’t be the first time that a company has purchased a property in development after the original production company had shuttered. 2K took over the gaming rights and intellectual property of Duke Nukem a few years back, and if a company is willing to put money into a disaster like that, why not work with a property with critical and financial success?

    I know that DisKingdom has had their connections in the past with those involved in Disney Infinity’s production, so I’m wondering how much you or those on the DisKingdom crew know about what interactions the Infinity people have had with other companies. Did they approach others before Iger’s announcement? Would they be willing to shop the property?

    Things look mighty dim for any future with Infinity, but there still seems to be an interest and passion for the product, so let’s see what could happen!

  • Please #SaveDisneyInfinity

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