Sky Cinema Coming To The UK & Ireland


Sky is set to relaunch its Sky Movies subscription package, as Sky Cinema on July 8th in the UK and Ireland, to fall inline with its other channels in Germany, Austria and Italy.  Sky Cinema will become the biggest dedicated movie subscription service in Europe.   There will be a new movie premiere every day and will include a bigger library of movies than is currently available, with over 1200 movies available.  One of the main selling points is that movies will now be available much closer to its within eight months of its cinema release date date.


Sky Cinema will be the exclusive home of “Star Wars” and other major franchises such as the Marvel movies.  There will also be a special “Star Wars” pop up channel running in August and September, which will show all 7 of the Star Wars movies.   There are future pop up channels for Disney, Pixar and Superheroes planned.

Both upcoming Star Wars movies, Rogue One and Star Wars Episode VIII will be available in August 2017 and 2018,  eight months after their release in cinemas.

Sky Cinema is available movies through Satellite, Cable and On-Demand, with HD now offered as standard.

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