Spoiler Alert: Marvel Collector Corps Women of Power Unboxing

As a father of three girls and a husband to a brilliant and creative wife, I was excited to hear that the June theme for Marvel Collector Corps was Women of Power.  Our review copy just arrived about 15 minutes ago, so lets dive right in and see if it lives up to the hype. As the headline suggests, this post is ripe with spoilers.

First things first we have the as usual, very cool box Women of Power has Spider Gwen on the box. Nice choice.



Inside of the box  is consistent with past boxes. Looks very nice.

The Funko staple in boxes is a patch and pin.



The shirt is a very basic design. Yet after so many previous black shirts, I’ll take another light color.wop5 wop6

A teaser for the next MCC box: Spider-man. I’m sure it will be a popular one.


The back of the card shows some odd the design choices for this month. You can see there were some changes along the way. I really like these inserts and how they help us understand the design process.


The monthly comic!


Okay let’s get to the meat of the box: The Pop. It is Squirrel Girl! I’ll be honest and admit I know nothing about this character. ZERO. Well besides that Funko was excited to make her.



She looks great even if I don’t know anything about her. My 8 yr old daughter adores animals and I think she’ll claim this Pop before I finish publishing the story.wop12 wop13

Each MCC box has it’s main course and its side dishes. This month, we get Mystery Minis as our sides. Well they aren’t too much of a mystery. What you see on the box is what you get. Captain Marvel and She-Hulk are here!

wop14 wop16

I’m sure this box will not rank as high as others with collectors.  Just because you don’t know the character, doesn’t mean the box wasn’t worth it. A Pop, 2 minis, a shirt, and the rest definitely are worth more the $25 price tag. For me, I’m going to use the characters as an impetus to learn more about the women of Marvel.


To subscribe for the Spider-man themed August MCC, click HERE.


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