New Disney Haute Couture Figures Coming Soon

Enesco have announced some details on this season’s Haute Couture figurine collection from Disney Showcase, which demonstrates its glamourous credentials with a new series of Disney Princesses dressed in the lavish styles and rich colours of the Art Deco era. In addition, the first figurine in a new Christmas series is launched, and Tinker Bell makes a stunning entrance in a winter costume in festive shades of silver and red.

Cinderella in her shimmering blue gown with period jewellery and head dress joins Snow White, Ariel and Rapunzel in the new Art Deco collection. Each Princess wears fashionable costumes inspired by the flamboyant styles of the roaring twenties. In the new Christmas series, Belle is dressed in an opulent winter gown with delicate details including roses and a shimmering shawl. What’s more, a Hanging Ornament of the teacup, Chip, is included with the figurine.

Meticulous attention to detail, exquisite adornments and hand-painted techniques to create luxurious decorative effects are the much loved hallmarks of the Disney Showcase collection.

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