Venom Play Arts Kai Figure Coming Soon

Square Enix have announced a new Venom/Carnage Play Arts Kai figure is coming in December, priced at $130.

Here are the details:

A sentient alien parasite otherwise known as a “symbiote,” Venom remains one of Spider-Man’s most popular villains. Another symbiote was spawned from Venom and became Carnage, one of Spider-Man’s most formidable opponents who has confronted him with some of his toughest challenges. Carnage serves as the inspiration for this limited color version of our MARVEL UNIVERSE VARIANT PLAY ARTS KAI VENOM.

Just like Venom, Carnage’s distinctive patterns crawl across his sinewy physique. The bold black lines intensify the contrast with the screaming red. Molded structures are used to add gruesome details such as the rotating tongue, adding elements of rawness to his already lurid presence.
This figure’s range of motion is unlike any living creature on earth, and can be posed in wild, contorted ways. Poisonous-looking interchangeable parts that visualize the symbiote’s special skills round out this attention-grabbing presentation.
Figure includes display stand.
Figure Size: Approx. W5″ x D2″ x H10″

Here is a look at the figure:

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