Anaheim City Council Agree Tax Incentive For New Disneyland Hotel


Anaheim City Council have agreed approved tax incentives for Disney to build three new luxury hotels at the Disneyland Resort.  This is estimated to benefit Disney by over $550 million over the next 20 years as Disney will build a four-diamond standard and have 700 rooms at the hotel.  This money is raised by guests staying at the resort paying a transient occupancy tax, which will see 70% going back to Disney.


“These hotels aren’t just for the visitors, they are for the residents,” Lucille Kring said. “We get back what they produce.”

While there was some opponents who didn’t want the development, there was support for the project as this will bring in jobs and money into the local area.




Mary Niven, senior vice president of Disneyland, said the incentives lured Disney to build another four-diamond property. The company already has Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and the Disneyland Hotel.

“Although we knew the demand was there, this proposed hotel was not part of Disney’s long-term plans until the city put this incentive in place,” Niven told the council.

She later added, in a statement, that the hotel will provide “a new and direct revenue stream for the city to help pay for essential city services for its residents for decades to come.”

What do you think of Disney getting these Tax incentives?



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