Steam Players Reporting Marvel Ultimate Alliance Issues


This week saw the re-release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, these games were announced at last weekends San Diego Comic Con and there has been many complaints about the re-release on Steam.

Many have complained at the price of the games, for older games that haven’t had too much work on updating the game for modern devices and on why the DLC wasn’t included in the price, considering the age and price of the games.

However the biggest problem has been with the PC versions, which are unplayable, according to PC players.  Just taking a look at the customer reviews for both games on Steam, shows massive problems with the game.  There are a few major issues including bad sound problems and it being uncontrollable.  The way the controls are currently working, it is apparently completely unplayable, while a keyboard does work poorly, it doesn’t recognise controllers properly unless its a wired Xbox 360 controller (which some players are reporting seem to work OK).

While the sound issues include the voices being drown out by loud background music and there being white noise.  Considering the price of these games, originally released in 2006 and 2009, many PC gamers are requesting refunds.

I have been playing both Marvel Ultimate Alliance on my PS4, without any issues, which would indicate that this problem is just effecting PC versions.  It is a shame that this game has suffered from such a poor PC port as Ultimate Alliance 2 was never released on PC.

Hare you been having issues with the PC version?


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