Third Quarter Results Revealed For Disney Parks


Disney have released details from their third quarter results, which show that revenues for the quarter have increased.  The International parks have had an impact on this quarter with pre-opening costs of Shanghai Disney and Disneyland Paris was effected by security concerns following terror attacks in Paris, strike action and poor weather.

Here is the report on the Parks & Resorts division:

Parks and Resorts revenues for the quarter increased 6% to $4.4 billion and segment operating income increased 8% to $994 million. Operating income growth for the quarter was due to an increase at our domestic operations, partially offset by a decrease at our international operations. Results were adversely impacted by the absence of the Easter holiday, which occurred in the third quarter of the prior year compared to the second quarter of the current year.

Higher operating income at our domestic operations was due to guest spending growth and lower costs, partially offset by lower volumes. The increase in guest spending was driven by higher average ticket prices at our theme parks and cruise line. Lower costs reflected decreases in labor and marketing costs from efficiency initiatives. Costs also benefited from lower infrastructure costs due to timing and a decrease in fuel costs. These decreases were partially offset by higher depreciation, labor and other cost inflation and costs associated with new attractions. The decrease in volumes was due to lower attendance, partially offset by higher occupied room nights.

Lower operating income at our international operations was due to higher pre-opening costs at Shanghai Disney Resort and lower attendance and higher operating costs at Disneyland Paris. These decreases were partially offset by cost efficiency initiatives as well as higher volumes and guest spending at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.


Are you surprised by this quarters results?


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