New Halloween Merchandise Online at The Disney Store!!!

New Halloween merchandise has been released online at The Disney Store. Below are the new items that showed up online!

Mickey Mouse Icon Halloween Zip Hoodie for Women $54.99
7505055890704Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Kitchen Towel Set $19.99
7509055890885 7509055890885-3 7509055890885-4Mickey Mouse Icon Halloween Tee for Women – 2016 – Walt Disney World $32.99
7505055890703Mickey Mouse Halloween Mug $14.99
7509055890901 7509055890901-1 7509055890901-2Minnie Mouse Halloween Nightshirt for Girls $19.95
4902055251915Minnie Mouse Halloween Tee for Girls $16.95
5621045530931Mickey Mouse and Friends Reusable Tote – Halloween 2016 $4.95
7501055890937Mickey Mouse Trick or Treat Tee for Women $22.95
5620045531051Mickey Mouse Halloween Tee for Boys $16.95
5622045530972Mickey Mouse Halloween PJ PALS for Boys $16.95
4903046861937Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Salt & Pepper Set $16.95
7509055890896Mickey Mouse Halloween Tee for Men $22.95
5620045531073Mickey Mouse and Friends Light-Up Halloween Candle $14.99
7509055890898 7509055890898-1 7509055890898-2Mickey Mouse Halloween Wood Sign $29.99
7509055890897Minnie Mouse Witch Hat for Kids $24.99
7507055890305Mickey Mouse Halloween Dessert Plate $12.99
7509055890900Mickey Mouse Jack O’Lantern Luminary Tin $39.99
7509055890902Mickey Mouse Halloween Candy Bowl $14.99
7509055890899Mickey Mouse Trick or Treat Tee for Women – Plus Size $22.95
5620045531104Mickey Mouse Raglan Tee for Boys – Halloween – Walt Disney World $24.99
7507055890286Minnie Mouse Halloween Plush Ornament $19.99
7509055890884Mickey Mouse Halloween Tee for Men – Plus Size $22.99
5620045531113I hope you found some new Halloween merchandise to add to your wardrobe and decor!


I am a lifelong fan of Disney and have been traveling to Walt Disney World multiple times per year since I was a child. My husband and daughter share my passion of Disney with me. I have many different Disney collections such as Tsum Tsums, Vinylmations, Disney figurines, Disney Store Japan items and even purses, accessories and clothing! I am very excited to share some of my collections and Disney fashion finds with everyone!

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