New Harveys Disney Queen of Hearts Collection Available Now!!!

Harveys just released a new Disney Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts collection online! This collection is part 2 of 2! Below are images and prices of the new collection!

Marilyn Satchel Disney / Queen of Hearts $195.00
Alice-MarilynSatchel-1__77903.1471388928.1280.1280 Alice-MarilynSatchel-2__31521.1471388953.1280.1280 Alice-MarilynSatchel-3__00849.1471388964.1280.1280 Alice-MarilynSatchel-5__46274.1471388990.1280.1280Foldover Disney / Queen of Hearts $148.00
Alice-Foldover-1__33553.1471387765.1280.1280 Alice-Foldover-2__28574.1471387798.1280.1280 Alice-Foldover-4__05045.1471387906.1280.1280Mini Foldover Disney / Queen of Hearts $138.00
Alice-MiniFoldover-1__79324.1471387972.1280.1280 Alice-MiniFoldover-2__67791.1471388019.1280.1280 Alice-MiniFoldover-4__40982.1471388046.1280.1280Streamline Wallet Disney / Queen of Hearts $108.00
Alice-StreamlineWallet-1__70070.1471388805.1280.1280 Alice-StreamlineWallet-2__08331.1471388870.1280.1280Clutch Disney / Queen of Hearts $98.00
Canvas-1__67157.1471388625.1280.1280 Canvas-2__62881.1471388605.1280.1280 Canvas-5__88615.1471388714.1280.1280I hope you found something new to accessorize with!


I am a lifelong fan of Disney and have been traveling to Walt Disney World multiple times per year since I was a child. My husband and daughter share my passion of Disney with me. I have many different Disney collections such as Tsum Tsums, Vinylmations, Disney figurines, Disney Store Japan items and even purses, accessories and clothing! I am very excited to share some of my collections and Disney fashion finds with everyone!

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