Star Wars Rebels Season 3 North American Premiere At Fan Expo Canada 2016

On what is considered to be the busiest and most crowded day of Fan Expo Canada, Saturday September 3 was the date most of the Star Wars fans were eagerly awaiting for. It was time to see the adventures of Ezra and the Rebels gang once again.


Thanks to my Press Pass (working on this site does have its perks you know), I was able to avoid most of the lines on Saturday by going in the VIP entrance. But when I reached room 701A, there was already a hundred fans waiting to get in the room.


Some cameramen from Disney XD shot the crowd asking them to cheer and do waves for footage that will most likely end up on a commercial for Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels. Some crew gave out these lovely posters to get us hyped.


Soon some Stormtroopers, R2 and a green droid gave us clearance to enter the room. The room filled up within 30 minutes.


Before the episode had its premiere, Stormtroopers came in with 6 prizes , 3 from Lego Canada and 3 from Toys R Us Canada. These were to be given away with some quiz questions from the panel’s host, a YouTuber whose name I forgot.




I ended up winning the Kylo Ren figure ( Review coming soon)by answering the following question:

What are the names of the two ships used by the main characters ?

A: Ghost and Phantom

The episode soon began after the prizes were given away with a trailer for the latest Star Wars Lego special preceding it. It was time for me to write notes for the review which will be published later on due to being unsure when we can publicly release such a review.



The event ended after the 44 minute episode had concluded. I had walked away with a impressive season opener and a 120$ Kylo Ren figure. Not too bad if I do say so myself.


Are you hyped for the premiere on Sept 24 ? Who do you hope to see ? Comment down below


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