Jessie Revoltech Review

Welcome back to our look at the Toy Story Revoltech line from Kaiyodo! Today we will be taking a look at everyone’s favorite yodeling Cowgirl Jessie. Let’s get started!


Sculpt 5/5

This is an excellent sculpt of Jessie. All three head sculpts are spot on. The hair looks like real yarn! The tassels on her cuffs and chaps look great. They are at great thickness so they won’t break, but not thick enough that they are over sized. On the back of Jessie is her pull string. It is nicely scaled, but I would be careful as it looks like it could easily break off.


Paint 5/5

The paint apps on Jessie are perfect! No slop anywhere. The cow print on her chaps are great and film accurate. The red details on her shirt collar and cuffs are nicely done and even. Jessie has Andy’s name written on the bottom of her boot also. It is nicely done and film accurate.


Articulation 5/5

Jessie has a great range of articulation and that is no surprise for a Revoltech figure. Jessie has Revoltech joints at the head, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, waist, hips, knees, ankles and two in her pony tail. Yes you read that right, Jessie has articulated hair. This is the first time I have ever seen that on an action figure. Just like Buzz, Jessie has articulated eyes. This helps a lot to bring a lot of emotion to the figure.


Accessories 4.5/5


Jessie comes with a great assortment of accessories. Like Buzz she has the storage box and a name plate. Both are nice to have. The box comes in handy here as you can store all of her extra hands inside. Jessie has 4 extra right hands and 3 extra left. This helps give you a lot of options for displaying her on your shelf. Jessie also comes with a stand which is really helpful, because with the size and weight of Jessie’s head it makes her a little top heavy. Especially if you add on the weight of her signature red hat. Also included is a lasso. Its is nicely done, but kind of useless.


Jessie includes two alternate faces. Both are nicely done. To change the face you have to remove the front piece of Jessie’s hair. After that is done just pull the face plate off and replace with the one you want. The alternate faces work great if you want to put Jessie in the “Yo-Dee-Lay-Hee-Hoo!” pose. Or you can put the sad face on and recreate the scene that made everyone cry in Toy Story 2.

Overall 5/5

This is the best collectible of Jessie I have seen! Everything is spot on and perfect. The alternate faces makes me want to buy extras so I can display all three on my shelf!

I highly recommend Jessie to any fan of Toy Story. Sadly Jessie hasn’t had as many Re-Releases as Woody and Buzz so she is becoming a little harder to find. I was lucky and was able to get mine for $60 including shipping.

If you have not done so yet check out our review of Buzz Lightyear and join us next week as we conclude our look at the Toy Story Revoltech line with the internet famous Woody!



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