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The Joe Books reviews will no longer have photographs of the pages of their comics. This is due to the previous reviews relying on photos from my camera. It looked very unprofessional so I decided until Joe Books have the means to provide PDF review copies, these reviews will be text only. 

I am sorry for the inconvenience 


After the success of last year’s Frozen comic detailing the movie’s story, it’s no surprise that Joe Books would follow suit with a solo Frozen on-going series featuring Disney Italia talent and an American writer. Her name is Georgia Ball, she also writes the Disney Princess comic for Joe Books and Strawberry Shortcake from IDW.


It’s time for Arandelle’s annual Lutefisk Festival as the royal sisters decide to walk into town to explore the festival grounds (Lutefisk is  is dried whitefish (normally cod, but ling and burbot is also used) treated with lye. I have seen it sold in Norway but sadly couldn’t try due to my allergies) Anna soon spots Lutefisk Fudge and buys some while Elsa decides to buy a bag for herself as well.

Olaf meanwhiles spots some carnival games and wants to give them a try to hilarious results as Elsa walks on to a booth with quiver blankets made out of musk ox wool. The lady at the booth soon informs her of a situation her farm is having. Due to the Tundra season nearing, the reindeer herders are considering passing through their farm to gain a shortcut while ruining the girl’s territory. She asks for Elsa’s help to try and reason with the herders.

Anna, meanwhile is approached by one of the herders and tells their side of the story as Kristoff agrees to lead the reindeers across the field to the Tundra.The sisters meet up to explain what happened as the two decide  try to figure out a way to get the two sides to agree to one compromise.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The plot of this story is very good, it could easily be an episode of a potential Frozen TV show or an animated short, that’s how good it is. While the art is very good , the biggest disappointment of this story is the colouring and inking.

Due to it being handled by multiple people at once rather than one or two as featured in other Joe Books titles, the quality goes up and down depending on the artist colouring the page. From details such as Elsa’s diamond pieces in her hair being missing between panels to Anna’s ever changing hair colour to changing cloth colour on secondary characters, it comes across as being very amateurish.

I hope in the future that the Frozen comic sticks to one or two colourists per story, make it a bi-monthly issue if the colouring is an issue for these stories. I am willing to give them another chance.


Anna and Elsa are exploring the halls of their castle sporting their Frozen Fever dresses as Anna wonders what they would be doing today until Olaf interrupts as he feels a cool breeze coming from behind the tapestry as the sisters discover a secret passage.

The sisters soon inform Kristoff of their discovery and decide to explore it wondering what could lie on the other side of the passageway.Where will they end up ? Read the rest of the story dear friends

FINAL THOUGHTS: This story makes up for a good small tale about the mystery of the huge castle. The castle alone could provide many good plots for the book. The ending, however made me laugh a little as it could lead to more hijinks for the sisters later on.









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