Disney Working With Oculus Rift On VR Content


At this weeks Oculus Connect developer summit in San Jose, California, Oculus announced that they have partnered with Disney to bring their characters to VR.  With Disney teaming up with Oculus, it means they won’t be left behind as VR becomes a bigger form of media.  has big plans on how to keep the content rolling out on its virtual reality platform.

“We are incredibly pleased to announce a collaboration with Walt Disney Studios, one of the most recognizable names in storytelling,” Oculus content producer Yelena Rachitsky said during a presentation at the company’s Connect conference. “We’re going to be working with Disney to create a series of experiences based on their most beloved characters.”

Neither Disney nor Oculus gave much detail on what this new content would be, Disney have already made VR experiences for different devices including on based on the Jungle Book and an upcoming update is bringing Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One to PlayStation VR this holiday.

It’s not yet clear if this deal is exclusive or if Disney are planning on covering all bases with different platforms like Oculus Rift, Vive and PlayStation VR.

What do you think of Disney embracing VR?


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