NYCC Roundup: Kotobukiya Superheroes

New York Comic Con has become a very busy and hopping place. With every year the convention floor gets more and more crowded, and that makes visiting some booths almost impossible, especially if the booth is near a “convention destination”. That was the case with the Kotobukiya booth this year. With it being close to the Marvel booth (which was always packed for signings or giveaways or events) and having on display amazing figures of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and more… I never saw it without a large crowd gathered around it.

Sadly, post NYCC I realized that I never was able to photograph anything fromthe Star Wars side of the booth… the days easily got away from me. However, I was able to snap a few shots of the Superheros (Marvel/ DC) side which showcased some new items and other great sculpts.

Squirrel Girl and Loki Bishoujo

One of the new items in the booth were looks at the sculpts for the upcoming Squirrel Girl and Loki Bishoujo statues. This line has a lot of fans, and I can see why. That Squirrel Girl piece is especially well done.




Spider-Man ARTFX+

Also on display were a few of the Spider-Man ARTFX+ statues, including the recently announced Spider Gwen.



Marvel NOW! ARTFX Super Deadpool

Lastly for Marvel, the recently announced 1/6th scale ARTFX Super Deadpool statue was on display, and it looks amazing.


And now for some fun stuff I saw over on the DC line….. wait, what? DC on a Disney/ Marvel site? Yup. Many of our readers also collect DC Superhero stuff, so why not?

Gorilla Grodd ARTFX+

One of The Flash’s deadliest enemies, Gorilla Grodd looks great here, complete with skull in hand.


New 52 Harley Quinn ARTFX+

To compliment the New 52 Joker that was recently released, the sculpt for the New 52 Harley showed up at NYCC. Loving ths look of this piece, and it goes really well with her Joker counterpart.



Batman & Robin 2pk ARTFX+ Statues

Featuring new sculpts of the caped crusader and his boy wonder, this 2pk will be available in first quarter 2017. Great look for this iconic duo.


Batman Animated ARTFX+ Statue

Featuring multiple facial expressions, cowls, and hand expressions, this is a must for any collector who was a fan of the Batman Animated series… which I know a lot of us were.




That’s all I was able to photograph at the Kotobukiya booth at NYCC. However, I did do a more elaborate look at their setup at this year’s Toy Fair, which shows some more of the fun stuff coming out from the Koto team.

Looking to add some of the Kotobukiya pieces to your collection? Our friends over at Entertainment Earth has a great select of currently stocked and pre-order items. Check them out!


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