Doctor Strange Comes to Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Doctor Strange has quietly emerged at Walt Disney World. For a limited time, guests will have the opportunity to interact with the “Mightiest Magician in the Cosmos”. The Daily Bugle had previously reported that strange incidents had plagued the city and it appears those happenings can be attributed to Doctor Strange. Now, finding Doctor Strange won’t be an easy task. First, pay close attention to your surroundings and search for the Daily Bugle newspaper box. Times when you can “DISCOVER THE MYSTIC ARTS” are listed on the side of the box. Make sure you find Bleecker Street; Doctor Strange will be at Atlas Books at the end of the street. These little clues are clever, but for a simpler time finding it, follow the Toy Story Land construction walls and you will have little difficulty discovering Doctor Strange.


Instead of a traditional meet and greet, guests will be treated to a brand new show where Doctor Strange teaches a group of kids illusions inspired by the Eye of Agamotto. Similar to the Jedi Training Academy, the training session is complete with sound and visual effects to enhance the experience. While adults may participate and try to unlock their third-eye as well, only the young students are permitted to take photos with Doctor Strange.

As many Marvel fans may already know, due to licensing restrictions from Universal Studios’ contract with Marvel, Doctor Strange will not be associated with the Marvel brand. There will be little nods to the MCU (note the Nelson and Murdock advertisement above), but this experience will not be heavily advertised.

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