X-Men’s Beast Coming To Marvel Heroes 2016

It has been announced that X-Men’s Beast will be the 60th playable character added to the PC game, Marvel Heroes 2016.  Beast will be included as the 7th character in the Advance Pack 3 and will be added to the game sometime in the near future, after the massive system update.

The character has been given two outfits at launch including his current Uncanny Inhumans “Blue Gorilla” costume and his Astonishing X-Men “Blue Feline” costume.  Expect more costumed versions to come later.


Our Take:

It’s great to see one of the classic X-Men characters added to the game and while I’m not keen on this look, since I always think of Beast from the 90’s cartoon, I’m sure this character is going to be a lot of fun to play as.

What do you think of Beast coming to Marvel Heroes?


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