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It’s Duck Vs. Food when Chef Donald has chopped the world’s hottest curry in his cutthroat kitchen—but does Uncle Scrooge have no reservations about success? Plus a trippin’ new Mickey and Eega Beeva adventure in this all new issue from IDW Publishing.

Gladstone and Disraeli

Originally Published in  Aku Ankka #11 (2013)

Country of Origin: Finland

(First USA Publication)

Gladstone receives a letter that leaves him in shock, wait a minute…. the world’s luckiest duck is in distress, who could have possibly sent him that letter. It’s his cousin Disraeli who has to come visit his cousin. Donald and Daisy volunteer to come pick him up at the train station.


They arrive at the train station as they have trouble finding Gladstone’s cousin until Donald notices a commotion at one of the trains. They see cousin Disraeli who had lost his return ticket as a conductor tries to make it up to him as Disraeli, after breaking down into tears, gets a free ticket.


Daisy sees Gladstone accusing Disraeli of using his charm to get the ticket as Gladstone would with his good luck. Daisy tells him to cut it out and invites everyone to her place for a dinner to welcome Disraeli to the city of Duckburg.


On the way to Daisy’s home, Disraeli sprains his ankle as Daisy offers to help him out. Donald gets worried but Gladstone suspects something is fishy about the situation as he accuses Disraeli of faking the situation. Daisy loses her temper and sends Gladstone to get the food as she tends to Disraeli.


How will Gladstone prove that his assumptions are correct ? Will he have to team up with Donald ? Will Disraeli return in future stories ? Read on to find out how this story ends.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This story marks the debut of Gladstone’s relative Disraeli, I believe the only time we see a relative of his that isn’t on Donald’s family tree either. It’s nice to see the lucky two shoes cousin find his match. While I might not like Gladstone, I can say that I dislike Disraeli more. He uses his unique traits through pity and guilt rather than Gladstone’s straight good luck. I do like the cameo of Donald’s dog Bolivar from the original newspaper strip.

Future Imperfect
Originally Published in  Anders And & Co. #50 (2009)

Country of Origin: Denmark

(First USA Publication)

Casey and Mickey bust a gang’s poker game to arrest them under the charges of smuggling as Mickey tells Casey that his lead led them to the capture of three thugs. Casey informs him that he counts four,Mickey looks on as he sees his old friend Butch amongst the gang ( Remember him from the 1930s newspaper strip ?). Mickey tries to convince Casey that Butch reformed years ago and did not commit the crimes with the gang.


Butch tells them he had no hand in the cries and only was with the gang to play poker since the thugs were tired of Butch bragging about his superior poker skills. Butch gets upset having learned the gang used a marked deck.


Mickey offers to help find new friends for Butch since he believes bad company like the gang members could convince Butch to go back into crime. He suggests his friends but Butch tells him that Goofy only plays one game, Minnie would rather read and teach them than play cards and that Clarabelle and Horace have not accepted his apologies due to some shenanigans from years ago.


Mickey soon gives up as he goes to look for outside help as he gets into contact with Eega Beeva. Mickey asks him to show his future as Eega finds out Butch would return to his old days when he is given a photograph from the future showing a new mugshot of Butch. It is still however black and white meaning its a future that can be changed, however, if it was colour, it would be a permanent future.


How will Mickey save Butch’s fate ? Will Butch show up in more stories ? Will Casey outwit Mickey for once ? Read on to find out.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a very enjoyable Mickey Mouse story, tho I do wonder why it was featured in Comics and Stories rather than Mickey’s solo story, this would have made a nice B story for that comic. I feel Comics and Stories should more be reserved for characters that do not have their own line of comics.

But what I loved about this strip was the inclusion of many characters from the original Mickey Mouse newspaper strip such as Butch, Casey and Eega Beeva. I very much enjoyed Butch’s personality from the strips and wanted to see him pop up for many years within new stories. One thing I would have wanted was cameos from various villains in the strips like Slicker, Sylvester Shyster or Kat Nipp.

You Vindaloo, You Lose a Few

Originally Published in  Donald Duck & Co. #43 (2008)

Country of Origin: Norway

(First USA Publication)

This spicy tale begins when Donald opens a curry restaurant after an Indian cuisine boom hits Duckburg as he is preparing his latest order,a order of coconut simmer as the PGOTTS (Paneer Gosht, Overseer and Tandoor Tester Supereme).


The nephews try to convince Donald to add wasabi to his dishes as Donald furiously throws them out as he soon catches someone spying on his recipe book. It’s the ever lovable Angus McSwine returning for more humiliation after appearing in Donald Duck#18 last month. He is there to steal Donald’s recipes since McSwine’s curry business floundered ever since Donald opened his place.


Donald soon receives an order from the Mayor for Goose Egg Mandras as Donald heads downstairs to retrieve his secret ingredient for the dish. The next morning,Donald outwits McSwine again as the attention from the dishes reaches to higher media as Scrooge even manages to find out about Donald’s business.Perhaps Donald could be the missing link to his latest purchase.


Scrooge invites Donald over to inform him that the Raj of Rahamashtra will be visiting Duckburg soon, Scrooge wants his spice business but the Raj refuses to sell unless it is to someone who could prepare the hottest curry around. Donald has a big challenge ahead of him, can he out spice the Raj plus McSwine in the end ? Find out by reading this foodie story.


FINAL THOUGHTS: As a foodie, I liked this story, it shows off a lot about curry cooking. Though I never tried curry myself, I’m sure it tastes good. The writing is accurate and pretty good while the art is striking with the various effects added while Donald is cooking. It takes a great artist to make such a story work.

I like that Angus McSwine returns once again to ruin Donald’s business. This is also a rarity that Donald is being successful for once without the influence of Scrooge McDuck except at the very end.

I would like to see more food themed stories in the future that explores the culture from other countries.

Bringing Home the Bacon

Originally Published in the Scamp daily comic strip (1955)

Country of Origin: USA

Our last story begins with Tramp and Scamp playing catch as Tramp accidentally breaks a window and decides to make up for it by bringing home the bacon. Lady gets worried that he is up to another one of his tricks once again as she sends Scamp to get his sisters.


Scamp, knowing his sisters are sleeping inside decides to visit uncle Jock to ask him what bacon is. Jock informs him that it is a very tasty part of a pig as the duo soon get chased by a large pig. Scamp is amazed by the sight of a pig.


Tramp soon goes into town, having found food in the thrash as a woman approaches Tramp offering him some spaghetti as one of Tramp’s friends informs a family is baking cookies as they see lots of dogs at the store including many of his old friends from the pound.


Will Tramp ever be able to find bacon for his family ? Will Scamp ever get to hunt ? Will we find out why this comic mentions Scamp having a brother when all we see are sisters ? Find out in this story.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Last issue, I asked about the inclusion of Scamp stories since they were a big part of the 90s run of Walt Disney Comics and Stories. Now he makes his first appearance in the IDW comics with this arc from the newspaper comic strip that ran from 1955 to 1988. It’s a rather lengthy story as well that sees Tramp walking around the neighbourhood as seen in the original film.

What confused me most was when Lady mentioned to Scamp getting his sisters and brother. I was aware he only had sisters, I did not know he also had a brother tho I did not see him in the film or in the 2001 film Lady and the Tramp II:Scamp’s Adventure. I hope to see more Scamp stories printed in Comics and Stories down the line in the future.


WRITERS: Lars Jensen ( STORY 1) Byron Erickson (STORY 2) David Gerstein ( STORY 3) Ward Greene ( STORY 4)

ARTISTS: Francisco Rodriguez Peinado ( STORY 1) Cèsar Ferioli (STORY 2) Cèsar Ferioli ( STORY 3) Dick Moores ( STORY 4)

EDITOR: Sarah Gaydos




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