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Welcome to  the premiere of Disney’s Donald Quest, this is the first time in quite a while in Disney Comics history that an European comic will be published in North America first before hitting European shelves. But this is not your normal Disney comic, oh no, this is an alternative universe, perhaps it’s best to let archival editor David Gerstein explain the setting for Disney’s Donald Quest:

Welcome to a new world—the parallel Disney world of Feudarnia! Part pirates’ cove, part space station, and part steampunk battlefield, it might exist in the past… or the future! But either way, it’s an amazing home for our Duckburg and Mouseton stars—full of magic, malice, and a front-and-center spot for one unlucky Duck!

Feudarnia is a miniature galaxy as the ancient Vikings might have dreamed it; so instead of full-size planets, it’s got floating islands, each ruled by an elder Disney statesman. Scrooge McDuck is Burgomaster of Duckburgh, while his two rival tycoons—stingy Flintheart Glomgold and spendthrift John D. Rockerduck—run Greedburgh and Rockburgh. And Feudarnia lawman Chief O’Hara runs Mouseburgh, because our ol’ pal Mickey is here too… usually when Donald Duck wants to see him least!


Hammer of Magic

First Published in Donald Quest #1

Country of Origin: USA  

Our story begins with Huey, Dewey and Louie discussing how the Meteorbeast invasion began while writing a book.One of them writes on believing that the meteors are in fact meteors that become animals once they land. A clan called The Beastbusters were there to capture these animals, some are skilled, while some were not.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-11-01-16-am Fethry is one of those Beastbusters but unfortunately, he manages to capture his entire team rather than the Meteor Rhino. Scrooge rejoices however since the rhino destroyed one of Rockerduck’s statues. The nephews could not believe Scrooge made a bet over whose statue would last the longest. Donald, however is furious since it would mean more coins for him to polish rather than being out in the world hunting down Meteorbeasts.


Scrooge soon receives quite a shock as he gets word that the Beagle Boys are heading to his money bin on Mossy Mouflon Manor. Duckworth suggests hiring the Beasthunters to stop the Beagles, but rather than losing money hiring them, Scrooge decides instead to hire Donald to take care of the Beagles. Donald accepts after Scrooge informs him he would take a good chunk of his debt off if he does the job.

Donald and the nephews soon set off onboard of the Busterbot to apprehend the Beagle Boys.They soon discover another ship being attacked by the Beagles, turns out that ship belongs to Mickey Mouse, apparently the most famous beast buster in all of Feudarnia. Donald and the nephews soon get off the shop to distract the Meteor Bats with various sources of noises as the Beagle Boys soon lose control of the bats.



After the failure of the Beagle Boys, the mighty mage Magica DeSpell soon steps in with her giant MeteorBat under the leadership of the Meteor Master  to block the Manor’s entrance leaving Mickey and Donald trapped inside of the Manor. How will our heroes escape from this situation ? Who is this Meteor Master ? What happened to Minnie ? All these questions will hopefully be answered by picking up a copy of Donald Quest #1



This is a very special moment in Disney Comics history as I stated earlier, this marks the first bit of original content in the IDW comics since the line launched in 2015. I love this series, it’s essentially a steampunk re-imagining of the Wizards of Mickey comic book line from a decade ago.

The art from Andrea Fecerro is gorgeous, showing various emotions for all the Disney characters along with creating all the machinery and monster designs for this comic book. A lot of time was spent on the look of the comic and I love every single pen stroke of it. Congrats Andrea on a job well done. Stefano’s writing is very good, keeping all the characters as themselves in this strange new world.

I’m keeping this section short on purpose since I do not wish to spoil too much of Donald Quest. I hope to see more cameos from other Disney characters down the line such as Horace Horsecollar or Ludwig Von Drake.

Happy reading folks, see you next month for Disney Donald Quest #2.


WRITERS: Stefano Ambrosio

ARTISTS: Andrea Frecerro

EDITOR: Sarah Gaydos










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