Camp Woodchuck Opens At Tokyo Disneyland

This week saw the opening of a new themed area in Tokyo Disneyland, Camp Woodchuck, which is located in Westernland. Camp Woodchuck celebrates the wilderness with fun and adventure, inspired by Donald Duck’s nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, members of the Junior Woodchucks.

sdjkhfb831 Guests can meet Donald and Daisy Duck in this unique, immersive environment that has been inspired by classic Disney comic books and film shorts.

There is also the new Camp Woodchuck Kitchen, which sells camping-style treats including a dessert inspired by classic s’mores and some tasty waffle sandwiches.  There is also a new store called “Happy Camper Supplies”, which sell unique merchandise.


What do you think of Camp Woodchuck?


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