Holiday Gift Highlight: Muppets Select Series 2 Action Figures (Diamond Select)

Looking for a great holiday gift for that Muppets fan in your life? Why not check out the second series of Muppets Select from Diamond Select Toys. Hot on the heels of the first series of figures released earlier this year, this second series of action figures features more of the popular Muppets gang. Included in this newest series are Bunsen & Beaker, Statler & Waldorf, and Animal with his drum set.


First off, I enjoy the fact that Diamond Select has continued the tradition of including fun accessories with the figures, and this series is crazy with a couple of the accessories. Let’s take a closer look.

Bunsen & Beaker

The Muppet Labs duo come with some chemistry equipment, a clipboard, and a phone in case they need to call the hospital.



Statler & Waldorf

This pair of Muppet hecklers and curmudgeons come with their famous box seats at the Muppet Theater.



Animal with Drum Set

I was initially curious as to why Animal did not come with a second character, until I saw the drum setup given to him by Diamond Select. The drummer from The Electric Mayhem has all he needs to create those sweet beats, including a seat that he can actually sit down with.



I also like Animal’s mouth articulation, as it is one of his prominent features of the real puppet.

Overall, I really like how this line is shaping up, especially with the reveal of the third series, which includes Miss Piggy, more of The Electric Mayhem, and fan favorite Mahna Mahna.


Want to add these awesome Muppets to your collection this holiday season, or wrap them up for that someone special? They are available for purchase at your local comic book/ specialty toy store now, or you can order them from our friends at Entertainment Earth. They just got a new shipment in this week for the holidays!


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