Skipper Stories Out Now

Skipper Stories by David John Marley, was recently released on Print and Kindle formats on Amazon.  The book is about the True Tales from Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise.


Here is the description:

In this unique oral history of Disneyland’s iconic attraction, the World Famous Jungle Cruise, dozens of skippers, from the 1950s to the present, share harrowing, humorous, sometimes even horrific tales of their pun-fraught voyages and their behind-the-scenes hellraising.

The Jungle Cruise is that most unusual of Disney attractions where the ride itself is secondary to the cast member. Once the boat leaves the dock, Disney no longer controls the experience; your skipper does.

Former skipper and now history professor David John Marley presents the uncensored stories of six decades of Jungle Cruise skippers. Their never-before-spieled tales include:

  • Skipper selection, skipper training, how the ride works, and no-holds-barred confessions of what life is like in the jungle
  • Celebrity guests: the good, the bad, and the entitled, and one very public embarrassment, skipper style
  • The rite of passage for new Jungle Cruise skippers: peeing in the river
  • Drunken orgies, stand-up comedy, and a heist that led to one skipper’s permanent expulsion from Disneyland
  • Pranks and more pranks, from the comic to the cruel, with dickish skippers and unruly guests learning the law of the jungle

Welcome to the Jungle…

Will you be picking this book up?



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