Disney LongBox Reviews: Disney Princess #6

In today’s issue of Disney Princess, Snow White must assign each of the Dwarfs an animal friend leading to some hijinks,Tiana judges a gumbo contest, could this prove too much for our feisty princess,Mulan once again attempts to train her soldier friends, Pocahontas plays hide and seek with her friend and Rapunzel plays actress with Pascal. 


Snow White tucks Sleepy in for another night of sleep as he soon finds a raccoon in his bed. Grumpy complains about all the animals running amok in the house and wants them out. Snow White convinces him to maybe give them a chance and she sets out to find each of them a special animal friend. Some go rather well like Grumpy and a porcupine and Dopey and a bunny rabbit while others like Doc and a owl go a little feathery.

An adorable story featuring Snow White doing her best to solve the problem arising her since the Dwarfs no longer want the animals around. Full of visual humour your kids will be bound to love.


Cinderella tries to please Lucifer when he wants to get up on her lap. In the end, she gets outsmarted by the fur ball.


Tiana is selected to be the judge of the Chili Cook Off as she goes through several tables including Odette’s father with his spicy sweet chilli, even Naveen enters the competition to uhhhh awkward results. Louis is next, however he just throws whatever comes to mind, Mama Odie even has a magical brew of Chili under her sparkly fingers. Who will win ? You will have to read the story to find out.

A very spicy story indeed, lots of cameos from beloved characters from the film. This is a story not to miss for sure.


Mulan is once again teaching her friends about combat, this time its archery.Things do not go well at first when they can’t hold on to their pose for a dozen or so minutes and pass out. The others soon find their own way of teaching themselves archery.

I’m surprised to see this little bit pop up every issue of Disney Princess yet it is welcome, I love these so much since the three bumbling soldiers were my favourite part of Mulan.


Pocahontas and her friend Nakoma are out walking in the woods when Pocahontas, out of boredom decides to start hiding from Nakoma triggering the start of a game of Hide and Seek. Meeko, meanwhile has other plans.


Rapunzel re-enacts a few of her favourite fairy tales in this funny story. Some of her choices include Thumbelina, Princess and the Pea and the Red Riding Hood.


The Beast and Belle are reading through Shakespeare’s classic novella Twelfth Night when Beast starts to ponder why the characters could go through their dilemma the easy way as he tries to grasp the idea of longer stories.


Merida and the triplets are playing hide and seek as she comes up with a creative way to lure them out


Cinderella must think of a way to lure Lucifer to the bathtub. How will she do this ? You will find out soon enough


Beast and Belle once again read through Shakespeare’s books as they discuss some of the topics in the classic tragedy.


Merida enjoys her day off through the forest to the dismay of her mother.


Pocahontas and her friend decide to go explore Kinowap Falls to go see the rock drawings as they spend the night in the forest along with Meeko.


Rapunzel is preparing costumes for the Carnival as she has trouble dressing up Maximus while Flynn distracts him. What costume does she have in mind for Flynn ? You will have to see for yourself.


Another well written issue for the talented crew of Disney Princess. It will be a shame to see this go in two months when Issue 8 drops in. I liked the stories in the issue except the Beast segments were very repetitive since they all covered Shakespeare. Maybe save some for future issues instead.



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