Review: Smuggler’s Bounty Ups Their Game With the Empire Strikes Back Box

We’ve known for over a month what the exclusive Pop was in the Empire Strikes Back Smuggler’s Bounty box. You can argue “mystery vs non-mystery” all you want. Regardless of what side of the argument you fall, this box delivers. If you aren’t happy with this month’s box, you just aren’t a Star Wars fan.

Let’s start with the beginning:

The box designs are consistently good but I get that no one subscribes for the shipping box. I just like the look. This month’s pin is Lando Calrissian and the patch is ESB aged Yoda. Great two characters to include on these pieces.

Hmm wasn’t expecting socks but hey, we all needs socks from time to time. I’ll add into the rotation.

Okay these new Funko plushies are growing on me. Here we have the Wampa before Luke decided to remove his arm from his body.  The quality of these is really good and why wouldn’t I want to add more Star Wars to my collection?

Hoth Han Solo with Tauntaun

Hoth Han Solo with Tauntaun is an incredible sculpt. I couldn’t wait to take him out of the box.

The details are just amazing even down to the snow platform for the figure.  I took a couple of up close photos to see better detail on the figures.

Oh and what about the back of the box? Check out the hooded Luke Skywalker and the Garindan.

We also got the card that tells us the next theme is Star Wars Rebels (we now know that Maul is the featured Pop.) The back of the card also shows details about the creation of the box.

This is my favorite Smuggler’s Bounty box. It doesn’t matter that I knew what it was beforehand. It’s a great design of a popular scene and worth more than $25. Now I’m hoping for a “Luke Inside The Tauntaun” figure down the road. A rebel can dream can’t he?

If you missed this box, you need to get to and go ahead and subscribe to the next box so you can add this to your collection.

This box is provided by Funko in return for a review. Our opinions are not affected by this.


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