First Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass Figures (Diamond Select)

Diamond Select Toys’ newest Alice Through the Looking Glass figure releases are due out on January 25th, but thanks to our friends over at DST, we have an exclusive first look review of them. Being reviewed today are the two regular release Select Action Figures, and the two PVC Gallery Figures.

Alice Select Action Figures

In scale with the other Select action figure lines, Alice and the Mad Hatter appear in “Series 1” of this line. Each of the figures come with a base, which can be connected to form a section of an Underland village. Alice also comes with a changeable hand, in which she holds the Chronosphere. The Mad Hatter comes with a removable hat.

I do appreciate the details in these figures, with the fanciful designs of both Alice’s and the Mad Hatter’s clothing being represented. I also like that the bases can connect, giving these figures a nice way to be displayed on the shelf.

PVC Gallery Figures

While I like the Select figures, I feel the standouts in this release are the two Gallery figures. I really love the detail in these two PVC figures, and there are some wonderful paint applications to go along with them.

Once again, Alice and the Mad Hatter are featured in these 9 inch scaled statues. While there is no articulation, I think their stances are great. Sculpted by Gentle Giant, they can be displayed individually, or together, as their clockwork bases connect.

Overall, I feel that fans of this movie will enjoy having these as additions to their collection, especially the PVC Gallery figures. Another great release from Diamond Select Toys.

Special thanks to Diamond Select for sending these over for review. I can’t wait to pay them a visit next month at Toy Fair and see what they have in store for the rest of 2017 and 2018!

Want to add some Alice Through the Looking Glass to your Disney collection? Be sure to visit Entertainment Earth, where they have a bunch of Alice inspired items from Diamond Select, Funko, Madame Alexander, and more!


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