Disney LongBox Reviews: Disney Duck Avenger #2


Originally Published in: Paperinik New Adventures #3 (1996)

Country of Origin: Italy

First Time Published in North America 

Our story starts on an asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter where something interesting lies behind the largest of the asteroids named Hidalgo which turns out to be a secret base for those infernal accursed Evronians.

Yeah those guys from Issue #0, bet you forgot about them didntcha ?

Turns out their boss, Lord Zotnam is in a rather foul mood lately due to the resistance Earth has posed to his army. Zotnam suggests studying up Earth’s defences to find a weakness while planning the defeat of Duck Avenger.

The evil forces send out a few astro raiders towards Earth to defeat the Duck Avenger as suddenly one of them get destroyed as the main base gets attacked by a mysterious force as only two of the raiders survive and continue to reach their destination.

The two ships soon land in Duckburg launching some small rockets unleashing some spy drones. At the same time however, Donald is reluctantly moving furniture for Angus at the apartments. Scrooge told them to abuse him as much as possible during the move as Donald is tasked with moving giant metal cabinets.

After a long day of work, Donald dresses up as the heroic Duck Avenger to investigate strange objects around the city as it turned out to be a trap set up by the Evronians.

Unforunately, poor Donald left all his weapons at home due to his exhaustion as he surrounded by the scoundrels until suddenly, a woman bursts through the wall, tearing through the Evronians with her powers making it easy to evade their lasers.

Donald tries to thank her for her help but she starts attacking him, soon following Donald while hovering the skies of Duckburg.

She soon shoots Donald down, causing him to call for help, but first he needs to strip the car of all of its gadgets to avoid exposing his true identity.Once he makes it back home, he explains who he encountered to One, while he shows Donald the newest addition to the tower. A underground garage full of Master Ducklair’s experimental vehicles. Donald chooses one of them and calls it the Revenger in honour of his former vehicle’s demise.

Donald still does not have a vehicle for his civilian identity however and must settle for riding on the bus due to the other vehicles being too fancy for someone like Donald Duck to be seen driven in town.

One soon takes controls over the satellite of the nearby observatory to try and detect the female warrior from the other night through the energy she emits. Donald finds her and soon tries to confront her, yeah it doesn’t go too well.

She reveals her name which is Xadhoom as the two engage in combat until the Duck Avenger traps her in a small force field as some Evronians show up to claim her. Duck Avenger protects her with the new gadgets installed in the Revenger. Xadhoom soon starts talking with Duck Avenger about her overall goal.

What will Xadhoom tell our masked mallard ? Where did she come from ? Will she team up with Donald to take down the Evronians once and for all ? Be sure to pick up a copy of Disney Duck Avenger #2 to find out.


Yet another fantastic issue of Disney Duck Avenger that introduces a new interesting character or twist. Xadhoom and her shocking personality might be the edge Donald needs to take on an entire alien army. I find it amusing that she likes baking soda as it calms down her body when she uses her powers.

I find her origin story to be quite interesting , since it showed that her trusting nature cost her the rest of her life as her planet was destroyed by the Evronians, killing all of her friends. It is quite the touchy origin for a character from a Disney comic.

And the comic also explores the continuing absence of the nephews as the trio head to Africa as part of a mission for the Woodchucks. It’s sad to see the normal characters from the Disney comics missing from this story but at the same time the new characters make up for it with their charming personalities and clever writing.

Disney Duck Avenger #2 is yet another action filled issue full of classic Disney charm with a new twist emulating the darker and edgier superhero comics from the 1990s. This title is a great way for children to jump into the world of superheroes with an old friend guiding them in this whole new exciting world. Jonathan H Gray and David Gerstein’s translation continues to makes this classic Italian tale spark with new life for an new American audience.


WRITERS: Alessandro Sisti and Ezio Sisto with Jonathan H Gray

ARTIST: Stefano Intini

EDITOR: Sarah Gaydos






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