Superhero Showdown Review: Funko’s latest MCC Box Battles It Out!

The most recent Marvel CollectorCorps subscription box’s theme was Superhero Showdown and as usual, Funko meets and exceeds expectations in value, creativity, and theme. As per usual, SPOILERS start from this point on. If you want to keep your box surprise, it’s time to make friends with your back button.

My box actually arrived Friday but with the hectic pace of Toy Fair, today is the first day I had a chance to inspect it.

I know people do not subscribe for the box itself but I just love the designs every month. Once opened, you see the prerequisite pin and patch. Personally, I like both. They display well in shadow boxes and I plan to put each year’s pins and patches in one shadow box display. The superhero showdown theme continues with the Hulk/Red Hulk pin, and the Iron Man vs Ultron patch.

Next up is the usual “apparel” item. Sometimes you get a hat or socks, but normally you get a t-shirt. I prefer the shirts that do not have Pop designs on them but this is still a pretty nice shirt. I like the color as well. Spider-man faces off against his arch rival Green Goblin on this shirt.

This month’s comic has another rivalry. Inhumans vs X-men. This variant cover has Wolverine battling Sabretooth.

The secondary items in this month’s box are Pint Size Heroes. PSH are really gaining popularity fast. We get 2 packages this month: Captain American and his mortal enemy Red Skull!

I really wasn’t sure if I would collect Pint Size Heroes. These are the first two I have owned and I must say the little buggers are growing on me.  Cute designs and well…tiny. Nice little additions to my office desk!

The “meat” of the box is  Superhero Showdown two pack from the world of Daredevil. Daredevil battles Bullseye!

My favorite aspect of this choice is that it’s not a Daredevil costume we have seen prior.We’re getting the action pose with Daredevil’s “knives/blades” fully extended. Bullseye has nice touches like the Ace of Spades card in his hand as well.

Finally, we have the standard card that shows a lot of the design processes and the flip side of the card shows the theme of the next MCC: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2!

I’m very excited about the GOTG Vol 2 box. If you are as well, follow this link and subscribe ASAP! 

The normal prerequisite of getting a review copy applies although that has never affected my opinion of these boxes. As a normal subscription box purchaser of boxes from Loot Crate, Nerd Block and Funko, I say with no persuasion that Funko creates the best subscription box service bar none .


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