Tsum Tsum Tuesday: JAKKS Pacific at Toy Fair!

Today, I wanted to share with you some news, information, and images from the Tsum Tsum section of the JAKKS Pacific booth at Toy Fair this past weekend. If anyone thought that JAKKS was slowing down… they would be mistaken.

Disney Tsum Tsum

First newsworthy tidbit… there is information for Series 5-8 of Disney Tsum Tsum. Yes, you read that correctly. There are, at least, four additional series coming. Series 5 has recently been released, with the rest coming out throughout the year.

New Properties Introduced:

Series 5: Jungle Book, Finding Dory, Monsters Inc.

Series 6: Beauty and the Beast, Disney Villains

Series 7: Moana, Muppets, Finding Nemo

Series 8: A Bug’s Life, Wall-E


Stack ‘Ems Display Sets

For Series 5, releasing are special themed Stack ‘Ems Display Sets. Each on is themed, include an exclusive glitter exclusive Medium vinyl figure, and the sets can be joined together to make a larger display. I will be reviewing two of these sets in the near future here on the site.


Special 3pks:

In addition to the regular 3pks, including a hidden Medium vinyl figure, Series 5 and 6 also have a special subset of limited-edition vinyls. Series 5 is “Pastel Parade” and Series 6, seen below, is “Tsparkle Tsurprise”.

For Series 7 and 8, the 3pks will be composed of two Medium vinyls, and a surprise gift box which can contain up to three Small vinyls.

Mystery Packs:

Earlier today, I shared how the Series 5 of Mystery Packs looks, but it’s been confirmed that there are plans for Series 6-8.

Themed 7pks:

For Series 7 and 8, special themed packs are coming, featuring both vinyls and accessories.

Series 7: Cat Craze, Woody’s Roundup, Classic Pack

Series 8: The Lion King, Disney Villains, The Little Mermaid

Story Packs:

For the first time, special packs are being created to enhance scenes from beloved Disney Classics.

Here is a look at what The Palace of Agrabah will look like.

Disney Advent Calendar:

Yes, there will be a new advent calendar for this year. No word on if retailers will have exclusives like Target did this past year.

Marvel Tsum Tsum

We already knew that Series 3 was coming out thanks to the Hall of Armor set that was sent to us. However, here is a look at a couple of the 3pks that are being released, with that Medium mystery vinyl figure, as well as a 9pk themed to the Guardians of the Galaxy the lineup for the Mystery Stack Packs.

Spider-Man Stack n’ Display Set

Last year saw the reveal of the Mickey Mouse Stack n’ Display Set, which was followed up by Minnie Mouse (TRU exclusive) and Stitch (Walmart exclusive). This year we are getting a Spider-Man one, also with an exclusive Tsum Tsum to go with it.


Marvel Comic Box Display Set

Coming this fall, Marvel Tsum Tsum will have a place to be displayed with this awesome looking display box. Featuring Hulk’s “SMASH!” phrase, the box display will also come with an exclusive Hulk vinyl figure.


Marvel Advent Calendar

In addition to a new Disney Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar coming for 2017, there will be a Marvel one.


Well, that’s all the fun Tsum Tsum news from the JAKKS Pacific booth here at Toy Fair. What are you most excited about with the upcoming Tsum Tsum products? Let us know below.



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  • I haven’t bought any JAKKS Pacific toys before, but those Story Packs look like so much fun! Any word on what the release dates will be?

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