Toy Fair ’17: Highlights from Quantum Mechanix

While I was at Toy Fair, I swung by the Quantum Mechanix booth to check out their newest Q-Fig offerings, as it’s one of my favorite vinyl statue lines these days. I was not disappointed, as I got to see new addition to the Marvel, DC, and Harry Potter collections, as well as one from ANIMANIACS!

Iron Man Civil War FX

Spider-Man (Out now, but I love how it looks!)

Netflix Daredevil

Harry Potter on Broom


Pinky and the Brain!!!


In addition, QmX had a beautiful Millenium Falcon Cutaway Replica statue. A highly detailed and amazing piece.


Also on hand, a new plush collectible called Q-Pals, a plush resemblance of the Q-Figs line of collectibles. The Supernatural trio is already out more coming soon.

Finally, some more cuteness in the QmX Plush line… Ein from Cowboy Bebop and Pigwidgeon from Harry Potter… who was a Loot Crate exclusive back in November.

This is by no means all of what QmX has to offer, but just a fun taste. To check out everything that they offer, check out their website.

To order some of these awesome items, and more, check out our friends over at Entertainment Earth. They have a great selection of QmX items, and more!


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