Rundown: Disney Magic Kingdoms Beauty and the Beast Livestream

Next week, the live action Beauty and the Beast hits movie theaters. To coincide with that, the team at Disney Magic Kingdoms are releasing a pretty lengthy update, which includes permanent content as well as a new classic-animated Beauty and the Beast event. Here is a rundown from today’s livestream.

Permanent Content:

~ MERLIN is being added as a playable character, and he will have spells which will let you collect instantly from all buildings, boost your happiness to max, and shield your happiness from lowering. This is not timed exclusive.

~ CHIP & DALE will be added to the game in the Mickey & Friends Storyline. This is not timed exclusive.

~ One additional parcel of land will be opened up, with more *hopefully* soon.

~ Tuxedo Mickey Costume being released after start of BatB Event. This is not a timed exclusive.


Beauty and the Beast Limited Time Event:

~ Characters include: Beast, Cogsworth, Lumiere, Belle, Gaston, Mrs. Potts (Premium) and Chip (Premium)

~ Costumes include: Beast’s Suit, Belle’s Gown

~ Buildings include Belle’s House, Beast’s Castle, Gaston’s Tavern, Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant

~ New Concession: Creperie… New Decor: Hare Shrub, Fantasy Well

– Vine Cages, similar to Snowgies but easier to do

Vine Cages…. free the birds!

– Plate and Silverware: New Breakable, like the Fantasia Brooms

– BatB Parade Float, Giant cake with Belle and Beast dancing

– Looks like the storyline is that Gaston is crashing the ball and you have to stop him.

I believe the event is supposed to start around the same time at the movie’s premiere next week, but they could not confirm. Also no confirmation on length, but it will be longer than the 7 days you see in the stills as the “test run”.

What do you think of the new content coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms? Let us know below. 


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  • Mark Gill

    Great update apart from the limited space release, a lot of complaints on the forum about not having room for all the buildings and attractions … surely a release should make enough room for any and all new content in an update … i had saved up gems for the event and already buying sword in stone and chip and dales tree house have run out of room. I love the fact you have made an insight into what’s available but how about an order of missions and content. I only started playing the game at the start of frozen release and played relentlessly to unlock all the characters … unfortunately lacked the stock characters to unlock Hans …looking forward to a B & B and hopefully getting all the characters

  • Carrie W.T.

    Does anyone know what the “fantasy well” does? I know the description says it “grants wishes”, but I’m not sure how that works, logistically. Like, if guests want to see a certain character do a task, but the character is already occupied, can they walk up to the well and have the wish granted anyways, thereby keeping the happiness percentage up? Or does it just keep the happiness up all on its own? I bought one because I thought it was pretty, so I won’t mind if it doesn’t help all that much with the happiness counter — I’m pretty good at keeping that number high all on my own 🙂

  • David

    I think beauty and beast characters should become permanent in the future.

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