New D/Style Bags Online at The Disney Store!!!

New Disney D/Style bags have been released online at The Disney Store. Below are the new items that showed up online!

Winnie the Pooh Pouch $10.95

Winnie the Pooh Tote $24.95

Rapunzel Canvas Pouch $10.95

Rapunzel Canvas Tote $19.95

Alice in Wonderland Canvas Pouch $10.95

Alice in Wonderland Canvas Tote $19.95

Alice in Wonderland Pouch $10.95

Alice in Wonderland Tote $24.95

Bambi Canvas Pouch $10.95

Bambi Canvas Tote $19.95

These bag sets are ADORABLE! I honestly want to order all of them but I may just settle for three! I hope you found something new to accessorize with!

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