Has LEGO Dimensions Been Cancelled?

The world of Toys To Life has been suffering ever since the announcement of Disney Infinity being cancelled, followed shortly by an announcement by Activision that there would be no new Skylanders console video game in 2017.

Rumours have been rumbling for a while that LEGO Dimensions would be following suit, according to BricksToLife, the game is going through a quiet cancellation, TT Games have gone from it being a top priority, to being put on the back burner, instead focusing on new projects and moving staff onto these projects.

Whereas Disney Infinity was dropped and a major announcement was made, TT Games is apparently wanting to hold off announcing anything and plan to release some of the add ons like the Goonies level pack, which have already been produced and ready to be sold.

It was obvious that the second year hasn’t been going according to plan, some could argue that the wrong franchises were added such as Knight Rider, A-Team, Gremlins and ET, which haven’t connected with younger audiences.   There have also been many huge discounts on the game and packs, including many year one items being sold at 99c stores.

But the shift in spending is probably one of the biggest issues, fans, kids and families have got wise to the genre and no doubt haven’t been selling as well as single standalone titles like Avengers, The Force Awakens or Batman.   Other titles have been recently released including the Harry Potter collection and LEGO Worlds plus City Undercover is set to be released next month.  Showing to me that TT Games are trying to fill in the gap that LEGO Dimensions left and while they work on new projects.  Similar to how many remasters and re-releases Disney & Marvel have sold over the last year since Infinity was cancelled.

This move back to the traditonal route of releasing single titles would increase quality as titles like Marvel Super Heroes are excellent titles, story packs like the LEGO Batman movie suffered.  So hopefully we return to getting new titles based on different franchises like Guardians of the Galaxy, Justice League, Fantastic Beasts, Star Wars Episode VIII and others.

Again TT Games haven’t confirmed that LEGO Dimensions has been cancelled, but multiple sources have been saying that.

What do you think of this news?


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