Review: Epcot’s EGGstravaganza

It’s that time of year again! Springtime brings fresh flowers, brighter days, and egg hunts. Naturally, Disney joins the Easter tradition by hosting their own EGGstravaganza hunt around Epcot. I had the opportunity to participate in the egg hunt and it was a welcome addition to my day at Epcot.

As a frequent visitor to Walt Disney World, the egg hunt was a fun alternative to simply wandering aimlessly through the World Showcase. I have never done previous EGGstravaganza hunts at Epcot, but had heard from others that the 2017 hunt was much harder than previous years. While I can’t attest to the previous hunts, I can say the 2017 EGGstravaganza was more difficult than I expected. I only found one egg quickly and, sadly, it was before I purchased my map. Once I started actively searching for eggs, I had a very hard time. I even needed to turn to hints and clues online to get a sense of where Disney hid the eggs. Once I found my first egg in Morocco, I had a better idea of where the eggs were hidden. I’ll post a hint at the bottom if you want some assistance! It isn’t specific to each egg’s individual location, but may help you in your hunt.

For only $5.99, egg-hunters get a new look at the World Showcase. Overall, the EGGstravaganza hunt was a lot of fun for my whole family. Even my Dad joined in on the hunt! It is a great activity for a family to do, but make sure to remember that you get a special prize when you show your map at Pin Traders. It is only one collectible egg per map! For me, the 2017 EGGstravanganza at Epcot was worth the price and the special prize is a cute Disney souvenir.

Will you be participating in the 2017 Epcot EGGstravaganza? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook.

Hint: Look where the egg can’t be touched by visitors, especially up high!



  • Rebecca Hutchinson

    Did you get to pick eggs out to keep as a prize or do you pick a prize as you turn your map in

  • Emma McEvoy

    You pick out a prize when you turn your map in! You can do it before you start hunting, or after you’ve completed.

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