Legion of Collectors Superman Unboxing

This month’s Legion of Collectors box had a Superman theme, and while the boxes shipped over three weeks ago, mine just arrived recently.  I was excited to see the contents of the box, so here is an item-by-item review.

Upon opening the box, I found the customary pin and patch.  They are well designed, and I particularly like the inclusion of the famous slogan on the patch.

This month’s comic was the first issue of the current Superman series, something I’ve been meaning to catch up on.  I think this was a great pick for a comic, since it is recent and serves as a good jumping on point fot subscribers who don’t read comics religiously.

The t-shirt has a fun design, and kind of reminds me of a classic comic book cover with the text callouts placed around it.  In my opinion, this is one of the better pieces of apparel to come out of an LOC box since the service began last year.

This box contained three vinyl collectibles, and the first was a Superman POP keychain with a pose similar to the BvS Superman POP that was released a while ago.  While I don’t use POP keychains for my keys as they are fragile and would be uncomfortable in a pocket, it looks nice and has a great pose, so while it’s not a line I’m big on personally, collectors of Pocket POPs are sure to enjoy it.

The POP in this box was a Classic Superman POP which looks a bit like Chrisopher Reeve in the amazing 1978 film.  This figure is an objectively solid item: It has a great sculpt, the paint is done well, it perfectly suits the theme of the box.  However, something about it just didn’t feel complete to me.  It almost seemed like a cop-out on Funko’s part, as they chose the simplest and most obvious design available.  I was hoping for something more creative like an Earth 2 Superman or an updated Red Son sculpt, so while the POP is a good one, I’m not exactly sure how to feel about it.  After all, MCC and LOC boxes are often seen as a means to cater to the more devout comic fans with comic-specific characters that would not be as successful in a general release.

The most interesting item, which was also my favorite in the box, was a 3.75 inch action figure based on Superman’s first appearance almost 80 years ago in 1938.  While the figure itself is not super special, it has a good design and I really appreciate that the designers at Funko are trying to be creative in coming up with new products.  Also, since this line has so far only been included in subscription boxes, it feels like a special treat for the more dedicated collectors.

Overall, while I wish the designers over at Funko had taken a bit more artistic liberty with this box, it was a solid delivery that will mostly satisfy most buyers.  In May, LOC will be releasing a Wonder Woman box in conjucntion with the release of her movie in June, so be sure to get your orders in.


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