Vacation Kingdom Know-How: Introduction Post

A trip to Disney can be overwhelming and intimidating but thankfully there are books and websites to reference when you’re preparing. After some time you might realize these sources have good info, but it gets repetitive.  This column is going to focus on hints and tips to make the most of your time and money at Walt Disney World- all from someone who has been on multiple trips and spent much time planning, prepping and then tweaking for the next trip. I’m sharing my secrets and, well, guess I’ll see you in the parks!

Hey it’s me – Jenny!

Who Am I? 

But wait, who am I to tell you how to make your trips better? Let me introduce myself! I’m Jenny and I’m a Disnerd. I have been a fan of the films and parks since I was young and have gone 6 or 7 times as I grew up and met my now husband and his Disney loving family.  We are planning a move to Orlando in May of 2018 and plan on getting annual passes as soon as possible upon moving. I am also on Tom Morrow’s Mouse podcast, where we talk all about the parks, company, films- anything nerdy and Disney. Along with making trips to the park better, I also really enjoy the history side of the company and traveling to Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea is on my bucket list.

Riding Dumbo at night helps add to the magic of Fantasyland

For this first column, I’ll leave you with a quick tip since we are just getting acquainted… Since we generally do the parks just the hubs and I, we wind up saying forget the travel guides and doing our own thing.  When riding attractions in Fantasyland, we tend to visit that section of the park later in the evening.  Since we don’t have to worry about having a kiddo or two with us, we hit these rides closer to close or even during Extra Magic Hours. Much of the time we have no wait or just a short one. Best part of using this method? No wasted fastpass or standing in line forever for a 30 second ride on Peter Pan- plus you know Dumbo is better at night!

Do you have any hints or tips that make your trips easier or better? Let me know if you’re interested in sharing, I promise I’ll give credit where credit is due!



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