Guardians of the Galaxy: The TellTale Series | Tangled Up In Blue Episode 1 Review

Ever since TellTale announced they were working on a new Marvel project, I’ve been looking forward to its release, since I have never played a TellTale game before and had heard good things about the series. I was even more thrilled that Guardians of the Galaxy would be that project and that this was a good jumping in point.

This episode, took me about 2 hours to play through and the storyline is a lot of fun. The characters interactions is filled with humour and I got to the end of the episode and wanted to know what happens next. Just like any good episode, leaving you wanting more, luckily there will be five episodes in this season to keep the story going.

I tend to look at the price of this episode, similar to how I’d view renting a movie, it’s not a major time investment and it was nice to pick up, play through and finish in an evening, especially after playing massive games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Kingdom Hearts Remixes.

I felt the graphics of the game looked very impressive, while Starlord’s look isn’t based on that of the movie, this isn’t as a big a deal with the other characters, as I’m sure many casual Marvel fans will only know them from the movies, but hardcore comic fans will not have an issue with this.

If you have played a TellTale game before, the style won’t be a surprise to you. However after finishing the first episode, it has left me with mixed emotions, I did enjoy the story and look of the game, but the gameplay style did remind me of some games I used to play on my SEGA Mega CD like Dragons Lair and Road Blaster, which I’ll be honest, I used to suck at, since trying to time the correct buttons to do the movement was a pain. However the button bashing for GOTG isn’t anywhere nearly as bad as those games, as I really enjoyed playing through the battle with Thanos.

There are a few moments where you can control Starlord, but I found this very slow and cumbersome, especially when investigating areas.

As someone who tends to skip long cutscenes in games, I enjoyed the experience but I wasn’t blown away with the style of gameplay. The game offers different choices along the way, which are compared to the rest of the global players once you’ve finished. Though I did think there was only a few major moments where my decision would have drastically changed how the story went. Playing though again and making different decisions would extend the value for money.

I just let this game wanting a full Guardians of the Galaxy video game, between this TellTale and Disney Infinity playset, it’s left me feeling these characters deserve the AAA title but that doesn’t take away how this episode really does have a really strong story and that’s what TellTale do. If your after a strong story-driven Marvel experience, you can’t go wrong, especially for the price and it delivers a fun couple of hours of entertainment.

Check out some gameplay footage below:


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